Friday, April 17, 2009

Creativity and Imagination Part 1

I am going to talk about creativity a lot since this is a subject that is close to my heart. I am a performing artist, and creativity is a vital part of my life.

But creativity is also a vital part of EVERYONE'S life! You can use creativity in how you run a meeting at work, how to decorate your house, finding new ways to spice up your marriage, gifts ideas, how to teach your children, bringing your career to the next level etc etc etc. It all requires our imagination and creativity.

One thing I know for sure is that if you can see it in your head, then you can make it happen. So visualization is a vital tool to get our creative juices and imagination going. (I will write about visualization in future posts). Here are a few quotes that helps us to be more creative. I have collected these quotes from different authors and books:

"It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be" by Paul Arden
(Yes, visualize, visualize, and visualize your success!!! Literally see, feel, hear, taste the events that you want happen in your life. Spend sometime and daydream a little! It's totally legal!)

"Don't be afraid of silly ideas"
(I say the sillier the better!!! I am sure that someone thought that being able to fly in the sky was a real silly idea once, or that it is real silly to think that we can reach the moon, even sillier to think that in 2009, CNN and many other people are all of a sudden "twittering"! I mean, even if we talked about twittering two years ago, you would be like, "huh?". Well, all of this happened because people were not afraid of their "silly" ideas. Hey, be "silly"! Great ideas come from imagining the unimaginable!

"Stop worrying about being right"
If we are worried about being right, that's self censorship right there, and that's the #1 creativity killer. Let your ideas fly, regardless of being right or wrong. Very often, the "right" ideas come out of the "wrong" ones.

"If you get stuck, draw with a different pen"
Change your tools, change your angle, change the way you have always done things. Try something new!

So guys, go for it! Go for the wrongs, go for the new and inventive, never before done, and silly way of doing things, visualize the end results!

Wendy the (Inspirational) Trainer


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