Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You might as well do it with JOY!!

You know how there are times when you are tired, and you really don't feel like doing anything, but you feel that you HAVE to: go to work, do your homework, pick up your kids, clean the house, make dinner, have this meeting, go to the gym, talk to your mean boss etc etc)

Well, first of all, you don't always HAVE to do anything in life. OK, ok! I can already hear people going, "Easy for you to say, but I do HAVE to! How am I supposed to pay the bills if I don't work? Who is going to clean the house if I don't? How is this project going to move forward if we don't have the meeting?" Well, the truth of the matter is, most of the time in life, we CHOOSE to do things. There isn't anyone with a weapon behind you that say, "If you don't make dinner right now, death will upon you! Muwhahahahha!!!"

Imagine how different our lives will be, instead of saying, "I HAVE to", or "I SHOULD", we say:

"I CHOOSE to go to work, because I choose to make a living."
"I CHOOSE to go to the gym because I choose to be healthy."
"I CHOOSE to be pick up the kids because I choose to be a good parent."

Or, you can say....

"I CHOOSE to NOT go to work because I choose to make a living doing what I am truly passionate about."
"I CHOOSE to NOT go to the gym because I CHOOSE to get more rest today."
"I CHOOSE to not pick up the kids today because I choose to give myself more time so that I can be a better parent."

So, everything in life is a choice!

And there maybe instances in life (though probably rarer than you think), where you may feel very obliged to do something. And if you feel that you HAVE to go to work, and you HAVE to have the meeting etc, here's what I have to say to ya:



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